The GDT PR Agency
"Mastering The Art of Any Occasion" 


The GDT PR Agency is a luxury Entertainment PR company. The PR services that we employ on your behalf include but are not limited to:  Media Relations, Brand Development, Press Kit Design, Social Media Marketing, Artist Development, Special Events/Celebrity Events/Red Carpet Events, and Beauty/Fashion. 

Unlike other agencies, The GDT PR Agency actively seeks fresh NEW deserving talent. We do this because we, like our other clients, are always growing. We bring to our clients the recognition they deserve. 

The GDT PR Agency is equipped with strong experience in media, production,creativity, and art. We're qualified and creative- Our job is to create ideas and stories that move the consumer. Mastering the Art of any occasion is key to our success and the core of our company. 

Internships NOW AVAILABLE! 


BET Past President of  Music Programming & Specials, Stephen H. Hill  


Mission Work in Manila, the Philippines